You said it’s half time but did you mean to say SNACK time?


Came across a loaf of bread on my bathroom floor this morning. 🍞

eleganceliberty asked:
Good to hear Rider is slowly getting better! I was so worried for the little guy when I saw the post about his eye. D: He's such a little trooper and a dear heart. Get better, sweetie! ♥

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
I'm very glad to know Rider is healing as he should be!! Bless our little guy. Strong, swift healing vibes sent his way.

Pug lovers are the greatest people. You have all been so wonderful and loving. Thank you! Thank you!

And it’s helped us as well, to know he’s cared for by so many others. 😘

Look who’s healing marvelously!! He still squints most of the time but he opened his eyes just for you guys. :)

Rider had a scary morning when his BFF playfully (but forcefully) pawed him in the face and caught his right eye. He’s had superficial abrasions to his eyes twice before (because he’s a pug and their eyes are in a vulnerable spot considering they’re basically snout-less and that’s something potential pug owners should be aware of) but the vet’s tone was kind of grim. He basically said if his eye doesn’t improve in the next 48-72 hours, they’d have to shave back a bit of the top layer to give it one more chance at healing. If that doesn’t work…he may lose his eye entirely. Obviously, we’ll love the little man whether he’s a cyclops pirate pug or not but we’re doing the very best we can right now to make sure he gets all the TLC he needs so he’ll be back to his happy, two-eyed self as soon as possible. He’s due back at the vet Tuesday morning so please keep him in your pug loving hearts!

the-twin-paradox asked:
Rider, where have you gone?! I miss your face on Instagram and Tumblr. Please, come back.

I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry!

I’m back now, though. Promise ;)